Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vampires and Giants

I haven't drawn at all this week because I've been over at Olympic National Park with my husband and a good friend. I cannot believe this place is in my state of Washington; it's so spectacular.

I got a total kick out of the new activity in the small town of Forks. It is the center of the "Twilight" series - both the books and the movie. The movie was not filmed here, but it is the base of the books. The town now has traffic jams and people spending money. There were moms with teenagers roaming the streets equiped with a map of the hot locations in town. The Park ranger told us they regularly get questions like, "is it okay to camp here with all the vampire activity in the woods?" I loved the population sign in one store window. There is an official store that is very dark and vampire-like outfitted in black and red.

About 8 miles from town, out on the Pacific Ocean, is one of my favorite places, Rialto Beach. It is one of the beaches along this stretch of ocean that is the depository for mammoth logs from the nearby old grown forests. These trees fall in the forest and then travel down the several area rivers in winter storms, are tossed around in the ocean, and wash up on the beaches. Their huge size is astounding. I am standing in front of a root mass from one of these trees. I thought its circular pattern would be appropriate for this blog!


  1. Hi Pam, Living just down the street, so to speak, I didn't realize that Forks was such a hopping and popping place! Cool photo!

  2. I live on Whidbey Island in Wa and a Wa state resident foe many years and can't believe the sudden popularity in the end of of the road community of Forks. The beauty is in it's wild Surroundings. I love Your ability to create wonderful designs with your colored pencils and the depth of color and values in your drawings. I have joined your blog.