Monday, July 20, 2009

Buchanan's Pipes

I have a bit it Scottish blood in my ancestry. I thought it might be fun to make a bagpipe circle featuring the Buchanan tartan. I impressed the lines of the thistles. When I have these pieces professionally photographed, those impressions will show up more clearly.


  1. Festive pipes! I like how you are arranging your design. For instance, the repetition of the thistle shape and the variation in the pipes. These music pieces are great!

    OK, so how do you finish these pieces so quickly?

  2. Well...actually I finished this last week but waited to post! I've been working on it awhile. I have speeded the colored pencil process up quite a bit by using oil based pencils for the first layers (instead of wax based pencils). Then I smear the colors together using a stomp. This gives a nice layer of coverage that allows for MOVING ON to the next section instead of obsessing on the even coverage. It saves at least half, but maybe even two-thirds of the time spent on a piece. I still like the overall process, but speeding it up is a very good things. Also, the smearing brings out the intensity of the colors much more. My favorite brand for smearing is Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils.